FP Musical Ferris Wheel

The same flea market vendor who sold me the Sesame Street floor puzzle also took a few buck from me for a beat up Fisher Price ferris wheel. A sucker for anything associated with the original Little People, despite its rough condition and missing pieces, I couldn't turn this down.


Based on information from the always-reliable This Old Toy, what I have is a Fisher Price Musical Ferris Wheel (#969) made between 1966-1972 (B969G). When I brought this piece home from the flea market, I was very intrigued as I didn't recall having ever seen one of these before. So image my surprise when I was recently thumbing through some old family photographs and came across a late-1973/early-1974 shot of my brother with a Musical Ferris Wheel of his own.


Anonymous said...

What is the Ferris wheel toy worth? I have mius the little ppl that sit in the seats??

TL said...

Honestly not a lot...especially without the people. In good shape I've seen it for ten bucks or so.