Frogger Champ!

I've become a big fan of quirky documentaries. One of my favorites is The King of Kong which details the back-and-forth battle between the world's top two Donkey Kong players. In this movie, those who know little about video games are introduced to Twin Galaxies -- the most reputable scorekeeping source for video game competitors.

High scores can be submitted for documentation with Twin Galaxies through a variety of means -- the two most common seeming to be first hand viewing by a Twin Galaxies official or a detailed video submission. Scores are submitted for games on any platform ranging from upright arcade games to modern-day home video games. I chose to stake my claim in video game infamy through my childhood game system -- the Atari 2600.

First off, I needed a plan of attack -- what game was going to carry me into the history books? Having recently purchased Frogger at a flea market, I decided to go after a record playing a game fresh in my mind. Logging on to the Twin Galaxies site, I was surprised to find that the scores in the top ten were really not all that impressive. While the top score is one I will never come close to achieving, the scores in places six through ten were certainly within my skill level.

I hooked up the Atari, set up my video camera, and played some Frogger. I needed to beat the current tenth place score of 1288 and my first few attempts were unsuccessful -- but the third time was a charm.

I burned a disc, sent it in for review, and a few days later there I was. Number ten.

Big deal, right? A score of 1475 isn't anything to get excited about, you say? Well, last time I checked, I didn't see your name documented as the "Number Ten Atari 2600 Frogger Game 1/Difficulty B" player in the world.

For all I know, I've been bumped from the top ten already. But my moment of glory will live on. Maybe for a short time, maybe for years to come. But either way, for a short time at least, I was the (tenth) best (at Game 1, Difficulty B).

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