The Dukes of Hazzard Scrapbook

My wife is a scrapbooker....or a scrapper....whatever they call themselves. I realize that scrapbooking is essentially a form of journaling or even blogging on paper -- but I'd like to think that the average blogger doesn't need to pull out a colored pen to write things like "Yummy!" next to a picture of a kid with food on his face.

Scrapbooking comes to mind thanks to the 1981 Weekly Reader Book The Dukes of Hazzard Scrapbook by Roger Elwood. 1981 puts me in either Kindergarten or 1st grade -- either way, in the early stages of my obsession with the Duke boys.


Not straying far from the creative lines you might expect a table of scrapbooking women to include in their current albums, the Dukes Scrapbook includes plenty of quality one-liners to go right along with the photos included in the book. For example...

Poor Uncle Jesse. He seems to have had it up to the top of his red cap with Bo and Luke. Shucks.

Or how about this one...

John Scheider wants to shake my hand! It says so right in the book!

One thing that this book proved to me is that as an adult, I have an appreciation for Daisy Duke that...

...I apparently didn't have as a kid.

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