Karate Kid: Action Figures

In the summer of 1986, I used a chunk of my birthday money to buy two of the newly released Karate Kid action figures. Had money not been an issue, I would have bought the entire set -- Miyagi, Sato, the tournament set, the training set...

...but I stuck with the two main characters from the first movie -- Daniel and Johnny.

These two figures have decorated my office at work for quite some time until a few months ago when I decided to bring them home. Just recently, my brother gave me a box of "stuff" that he'd come across at his house -- my stuff. In this box, I was excited to find the accessories that came with these two figures -- the wood and stand for Daniel to chop and the brick wall for Johnny to kick down.

Unfortunately, Daniel's "tri-action" karate moves are now limited to just the karate chop and the karate twist after a leg repair using karate super glue.

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