Karate Kid: Books

Without question, The Karate Kid was my favorite movie as a kid and continues to be one of my favorites to this day. When the opportunity presented itself to buy the book version of the Karate Kid trilogy through a school-sponsored book sale, there was no doubt where my money was going.


The Karate Kid by B.B. Hiller
The Karate Kid Part II by B.B. Hiller
The Karate Kid Part III by B.B. Hiller

Buying the books was not enough, though. I needed something to mark my place as I read through the book versions of movies I'd seen countless times. I couldn't use just any old scrap of paper as a bookmark. My place needed to be marked with a reminder of my obsession with this movie.

Looking back, I realize that this bookmark was intended for young girls in love with Ralph Macchio more than it was for 10-year-old boys who thought the movie was cool. Either way, B. Dalton took my money.

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Shawn Robare said...

You know, besides the toys, most of the Karate Kid merch seems to have been aimed at tween girls. I had a handful of posters that I was kind of embarrassed to hang on my wall as a kid because Ralph was in such a dreamy non-gi wearing pose...