Karate Kid: Deleted Scenes

While this post isn't necessarily about an aspect of the Karate Kid directly from my childhood, I'm going to throw this out there anyway hoping for some concrete answers someday.

Most people with any bit of knowledge of the Karate Kid beyond the movie itself are aware of the deleted scene that takes place in the school cafeteria. This scene is included in B.B. Hiller's book version of the movie and a photo from the scene is even included on the back of the book.

But what about this shot? I am 100% positive that this scene is not in the movie but where in the script does the opportunity present itself for Johnny to have Daniel pinned against a wall like this?

I've had this images saved for quite some time -- honestly, I'm not sure where I even got it originally. At long last, I think I may finally have my answer.

According to The Karate Kid Movie WebSite, there is a scene in the original script where Johnny confronts Daniel in the school hallway. Details can be found on #21 partway down the site's list of deleted scenes. According to this list, in Scene 116 Johnny approaches Daniel with a form about body contact at the tournament. Questioning the constant beatings he takes at the hand of Johnny and the other Cobra Kai, Daniel asks Johnny if he ever doubts the authority of Kreese. Johnny's response apparently lacks conviction.
The actual scene in the script plays out like this...
Christmas decorations fill the halls. Daniel comes up from the drinking fountain face to face with Johnny, who thrusts a piece of paper in his hand.
Wanted to make sure you got it.

Daniel glances at the paper. 
What's this for?
So they know where to claim the body.
I thought it was supposed to be no contact.
Accidents happen.
He turns to go. 
He turns again. 
Can I ask you a question?
What pleasure do you get from that?
The intimidation number: We both know you can kick my ass seven ways from Sunday. Right?
Johnny does not answer. 
So why do you still bother?
Maybe 'cause I like to.
His words sounds tinny, lacking conviction. Annoyed, he turns to go. And again Daniel's voice stops him. 
You ever think he might e wrong?
Your teacher.
Johnny approaches, menacing. 
Watch your mouth, asshole.
Daniel backs off slowly down the hall.
I am almost positive that this scene is what is taking place in the photo above. If anyone knows differently, please let me know...


Shawn Robare said...

Neat, I'd never seen these still before. I wonder if either deleted scene ended up in a television screening of the flick (sort of like how deleted scenes from the Goonies were reinserted to make up for other content getting edited out)?

TL said...

I actually had that same thought quite some time ago and started recording KK when it aired on TV to see if anything different ever showed up. Unfortunately, nothing ever did.

Josh Corrington said...

Go to John Avildson's YouTube channel, you'll have all your answers there.. Including the entire movie walkthruogh which was videotaped. Deleted scenes included.

TL said...

Oh yeah! I've watched the rehearsal several times since it's been posted!

I found it interesting to finally fill in the gaps when it comes to Lucille's job and how things changed once they got to California.