E.T. - Action Figure & Shirts

I've been on an E.T. kick lately.

A few weeks ago, I was back home and my brother gave me a toy of mine he'd come across in a box of his own stuff. Assuming that it had been lost to the ages, I was pretty happy to see that E.T. was still around and in one piece.

This E.T. figure came with a small plastic Speak-and-Spell which I am still hoping will be found someday. In addition, a kid could extend E.T.'s neck a little with a quick flick of the thumb on E.T.'s back. I want to say this was a Christmas gift around 1982 or 1983.

[Image courtesy of eBay]

Speaking of E.T. and Christmas, I couldn't help but think of a few snapshots from the family album. As you can see, on Christmas Day of 1983, even though I was sporting my new E.T. sweatshirt, I wasn't very happy to be getting a sweater for Christmas. My brother, on the other hand, was standing to the side apparently doing his best to get me excited. Check out his sweet belt buckle.

Later in the day, at my other grandparents' house, my E.T. sweatshirt and I were clearly more interested in opening a Jabba the Hutt playset.

Over a year later in early 1985, I had grown in to my sweatshirt a little more but still wore it proudly as I played Wiffle Ball in the back yard.

I'm not sure when this next picture was taken or where the shirt came from, but apparently my mom even jumped on the E.T. bandwagon for a ride. Soda enthusiasts, check out that bottle of Diet Pepsi in the background. And for the record, the look on my mom's face was not an "I'm going to smack you" look as much as it was a "why are you taking my picture" look.

More E.T. to come as I see what else I've held on to...


Jephso said...

I have an E.T. t-shirt with the exact same design on. Didn't get it in the 80s but found it in a vintage store in Tokyo last year. Great post.

TL said...

Jephso...the shirt I had or the one my mom had? Stay tuned...more E.T. junk to come...

Jephso said...

The one you had. The transfer is pretty poor quality, and the material isn't in the greatest condition either, but it's not bad to say it's nearly thirty years old. Great, I look forward to more E.T..

Guy Hutchinson said...

I love the pictures!

I had this figure and I got it on Christmas eve... 1984 or 1985.

We had a family tradition that we would go to Grandma's house on Christmas Eve and the adults would all exchange gifts.

Kids got gifts on Christmas morning.

To keep us occupied my Grandma would give us each a small gift that was always a few years out of date (most likely it was a discount bin item since it was just to keep us busy until we got the "real" gifts from her the next day.

I remember these E.T.s being unwrapped. I got one, my three brothers got one, my sister got one, every cousin got one. It was a pretty awesome Christmas Eve.