Hardee's Tang Mouths

Building off the success of the California Raisins figures from the late 1980's, Hardee's took their promotions one step further into randomness in 1989 with a set of four Tang mouths -- the character of the time used by General Foods in marketing the Tang breakfast drink. These figures were each available on a weekly basis at Hardee's for a mere 99 cents with the purchase of any dessert or order of hash rounds (yes, hash rounds....do your Hardee's homework).

For the past two decades, two of these two-inch figures have found their home in a storage box among a small mass of California Raisins. Always knowing that the two I had were not the complete collection, it wasn't until I did a little more investigating that I found more details about this strange fast-food promotion.

The two figures I had were known as Lance the Leader (above on the left) and Flap the Rapper. Each came with a collectible trading card which I can only assume are long gone (although I swear I've seen one of them recently). In addition to these two, there were two other figures in the set -- Awesome Annie the Lip Sync Kid (left) and Tag the Whistler.

While I am confused enough already by the fact that Hardees felt that this was a solid promotion in the first place, I am further baffled by the fact that three of the four figures are dressed "cool" but the fourth is wearing yellow pajamas and carrying a teddy bear.

I suppose a strange promotion like this deserves to have a few questions left hanging...


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