Mr. T Books

A trip to a local flea market yesterday turned up a few treasures. In addition to increasing the size of my daughter's Little People army by 12 (the original choking-hazard Little People, of course...not the new ones), I also stumbled upon a new vendor who was selling stuff right up my alley. Passing on a handful of items which I'd love to have, I walked away with five Mr. T publications from the mid-80's.

First were two story books which didn't do much for me at first -- but then I picked them up and noticed the upper corner of the covers: "12 Collector Stickers Inside."

No way were these stickers still going to be inside...


But surprise surprise. I couldn't believe it when I saw that a full sheet of stickers was still inside both books!


I continued sifting through the magazines and books that this seller had. On a bit of a Mr. T high, I pushed aside the Hardy Boys activity books that I likely would have purchased on any other day. But not today. Not when I saw these...


While my oldest daughter is not quite at an age where she can handle a word search or crossword puzzle, she can color with the best of 'em. Hoping that she might push Elmo and Mickey Mouse to the side, I scanned a handful of the pages to print.

We'll see if she takes a liking to pitying fools.



Shawn Robare said...

Sweet! I love those Antioch sticker books. I have a whole series of them on Branded (Karate Kid II, Bigfoot Monster Trucks, Ghostbusters, Mr. T, etc.) I've never seen the Wilderness Adventure book, and the stickers of Mr. T skiing are awesome.

Guy Hutchinson said...

Great stuff!

As great as Elmo and Mickey are, nothing can compare to Mr. T and Dozer the mohawked dog.

TL said...

Shawn -- I definitely need to keep my eyes out for those Karate Kid books!

Guy -- I'm disappointed to say that she chose Elmo over Mr. T. She's young. I still have time.