An expensive month.

Straying away from the typical theme of this blog thus far, I have to take a minute to hit on some things current. It seems as though when it rains, it pours. And when it comes to new releases from some of my favorite musicians, the same holds true.

In addition to two DVD releases that will find places on my shelf, over the next month three of my favorite musicians, all from completely different genres of music, will be putting out brand new material. I have to put in a good word for each...

Justin Townes Earle releases his third full-lengh album, Harlem River Blues, on September 14th.

The son of legend Steve Earle, Justin takes his own style in a direction completely different from that of his father. Over the past few years, I've not been able to get enough of Justin through his first two albums, his EP, and his live performances. The anticipation building in my mind for Harlem River Blues is something serious.

Pre-order Harlem River Blues [CD | Vinyl]

On the same day, The Black Angels also release their third offering to the music world, Phosphene Dream.

Having seen the Black Angles perform at a very small venue a few years back, I can honestly say that they put on one of the most fascinating live shows I've ever seen. Not fascinating in the sense of an active and flashy stage performance, but rather in the sense of absolutely absorbing the audience into the music. While often compared to a modern-day version of The Doors, the best description I've ever heard of the Black Angels is that they play "great music to have sex to at a funeral."

Pre-order Phosphene Dream [CD | Vinyl]

Last but not least is one of the few artists who I feel still records true hip-hop music. On October 12th comes Dragon Slayer from Pigeon John.

As a part of L.A. Symphony and the more recent Rootbeer, Pigeon John has also flown under the hip-hop radar with a handful of solo efforts. Pushing guns, bitches, and bling to the side, Pigeon John stays true to the fun storytelling of hip-hop's earliest days.

Pre-order for Dragon Slayer not yet available

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