Little People: Then & Now

My daughter loves Fisher Price Little People which is cool because these were some of my favorite toys as a kid. And when I say she loves them, I'm not talking about the new Little People with all the fancy detail. I'm talking about the original no-arms/no-legs Little People.

When she was old enough to play with them without trying to eat them, I got out my old Little People from thel late 70's and these quickly became some of her favorite toys. Recently, as she and I were playing Little People on the floor, I started to compare the originals to the handful of new figures she has. As you can see, the basics are still much the same but time has certainly changed Fisher Price Little People...for the worse, if you ask me. There is something to be said for simplicity.

Yes, I realize that the older ones are now considered choking hazards. But some things are sacred.

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