Unplayable movies and other treasures.

You never know what treasures await around the corner. This is the idea that I take into the flea market that is held on a montly basis here in my area. I've been hitting this flea market each month for about a year now and I've only left empty handed on one occasion. Last month turned up a handful of late 70's Fisher Price Little People cars and accessories to add to my daughter's arsenal. But for daddy, there was this dandy...

I don't own a video disc player and I don't plan on buying one; but when I happen across a box of 20+ video discs on sale for 15 bucks and the one on top is the greatest movie of all time, it's time to make a deal. If I have no use for one of the discs, I definitely don't have any use for all of them...so after a bit of bargaining and deciding to push the Teen Wolf disc to the side, I walked away with The Karate Kid on video disc format for a very minimal price.

My wife wonders why I bought it considering it'll never get played (not to mention the fact that I have two different copies of the same movie on DVD already)...but some of you reading will understand. It's a matter of history. A matter of nostalgia and collecting.

A copy of my favorite movie on a format I'll never use for less than I would pay for a fast food burger? I'll take it.

Tomorrow is this month's flea market and I'll be taking my 2-year-old daughter along for the fun. She's as excited as daddy at the thought of the treasures we'll find.

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