Bunny cakes and baseball.

I'm an idiot when it comes to obscure details from movies that I like. I take notice of the most ridiculous things. For example, have you ever noticed the picture of a bunny-shaped cake that hangs on the refrigerator door in the LaRusso's apartment in the original Karate Kid?

Yeah...um...me either.

Speaking of these minor (but semi-interesting) details, after looking at the finer points of Ferris Bueller's bedroom a few months ago, I was very happy to find that someone else out there has a similar obsession.

An article by Larry Granillo surfaced today on BaseballProspectus.com which focuses on the scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off where Ferris and his pals visit Wrigley Field. Granillo has done the research and determined the exact game on Chicago's North Side that was captured on film in movie.

Do you even need to wonder how awesome this is? If you're not sure, the answer is "very."

I won't spoil the outcome -- you can read the article for yourself -- but thank you, Mr. Granillo. You are my hero today.


Anonymous said...

Whoever you are, you rock. I'm writing up a bit on the details of Ferris Buellers bedroom, the train of thought revolving around the Cabaret Voltaire poster, the actual Cabaret Voltaire Club back in the early 1900's, and how the images are references to history.I am very happy to have found this blog. Cheers and kudos to you, you are a fantastic resource.

TL said...

I'm flattered...Glad you found the blog!