Super Bowl predictions.

Super Bowl XLV is knocking at our doors and I know everyone would love to have an edge when it comes to the office pool. Here you have it. Three of the most reliable sources of Super Bowl information that you'll find anywhere online.

1. Super Tecmo Bowl

About a week and a half ago, I had the idea to find out the outcome of Super Bowl XLV by way of Nintendo's Super Tecmo Bowl. Then I watched Tosh.0 a few nights ago and was surprised to find that Daniel Tosh ended his show by stealing my idea.

Either way, according to this 1991 classic, the Steelers will take a 3-0 lead into halftime after a late 2nd quarter field goal. From there, the Packers will resond with a 3rd quarter touchdown and a late field goal to end the game as 10-3 Super Bowl champs.

2. Electric Football
Did you have this game as a kid? I did. If so, did you ever play it? Me either.

I got this out of the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart sometime back in the mid/late 80's for eight bucks. If you're unfamiliar with Electric Football, the idea is simple. You set up the plastic players in their offensive and defensive formations, flip the power switch, and try to pay attention to what happens as the metal playing field shatters your ear drums with its obnoxious buzzing as it vibrates the players through the play. That's 1st down. Then you repeat it....over and over.

This game might be fun for about 30 seconds, but how is it when it comes to Super Bowl predictions?

After one play, I have to think that the Super Bowl will end in a tie. As you can see below, the players will come out confused from the opening play of the game. In that one play alone, we have players from the same team struggling against one another and others aimlessly wandering around the end zone. Meanwhile, the quarterback has not moved an inch.

Electric Football prediction: 0-0

3. Ask My Daughter

Since Daniel Tosh stole my Tecmo Bowl idea and Electric Football was as big a bust in 2011 as it was twenty five years ago, I figured my 3-year-old would be as good as anyone when it comes to predicting the outcome of the big game. I posed the simple question, "Who's going to win the Super Bowl? The Packers or the Steelers?" After thinking this over for at least three seconds...

Her prediction: Steelers

I tried to get a score out of her as well but she was more interested in Dora than football.

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