Freddy Got Faced

A few weeks ago I mentioned noticing random and irrelevant details in movies that I've seen countless times. Here's another one from the Karate Kid.

If you've seen the movie you'll remember the scene where Daniel first shows off his soccer talents to earn the attention of the lovely Ali Mills.

But look closely. When Freddy goes to steal the ball from Daniel, it drills him right in the face.

If you've never noticed this before, I can guarantee that you'll see it every time you watch this movie from now on.

You're welcome.


Emily said...

I feel so much better for knowing this!

TL said...

Emily - I'm pretty sure the world is a better place now that this information is out there.

Dr. Wienerbreath ESQ said...

Yep. I will notice it forever.

Did you ever notice this from Back to the Future 3?

Dr. Wienerbreath ESQ said...

Here is the link:

TL said...

I've seen BTTF3 many times but never knew about that small detail. This is easily the most awesome thing I've seen all day!