I got the gun. You got the brew.

With a long day of work ahead of me, let's start things off with something simple.

Long after becoming a Beastie Boys fan back in the 80's, I got into the Kottonmouth Kings during the early part (and height) of their career. I was most of the way through my undergrad years in college when Royal Highness was released. I have to admit that I picked up this album based on hearing Suburban Life on the soundtrack from Scream 2 and I was hooked. The next Kottonmouth Kings album was solid but from there, as they started to churn out new material every 10 months or so, it all started to sound the same. Still, I kept buying their new stuff.

This takes us up to 2009's Blast From Tha Past. This compilation of old school covers by Suburban Noize artists features the Kottonmouth Kings knocking out an pretty solid version of Paul Revere. No way you'll keep from noddin' your head.

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