The new style.

Digging deep in my closet, you might find a Beastie Boys t-shirt that I wore regularly back in high school. To the left you see the "cool" kid that I was back in 1993. Cool hair. Cool beaded necklace. Cool LSU hat -- backwards, of course.

Despite the high levels of stupid in this picture, it's all balanced out by an awesome Check Your Head shirt.

While this particular shirt is cool and all, it was a pretty common shirt among early 90's Beastie Boys fans. It wasn't until several years later, 2003 or so, that I came up with my favorite Beastie Boys shirt.

Designed by the folks from Manifest Worldwide, this shirt takes a line straight from Licensed to Ill and works it into a subtle t-shirt tribute. While most people would see this shirt and wonder what in the world it means, a true Beastie Boys fan will immediately recognize the reference.

Buy your own here.

I'm not sure. I think my next Beasite Boys shirt may be this one.

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