Record Store Day: A Week Later.

I realize Record Store Day was over a week ago. I promise that I'll let it go until next year...but not until after this one last post. You see, when I initially posted that Record Store Day was a 2/3 bust, that may have been a little bit premature.

As I mentioned, I set out looking for three things on Record Store Day and left my local store with only one of the three -- and that was a copy of something for my brother. But just over a week later, things have changed.

1. The Black Angels - Another Nice Pair (12" vinyl)

This is the one that I was able to pick up for my brother -- a much bigger Black Angels fan than I am. On one side of this 12" is the 2005 Black Angels EP.

Back in June of 2009, my brother and I were in North Carolina and found our way to a small record store. On that particular rainy night, we shopped for about a half-hour before heading out for a bite to eat at a nearby Waffle House. I left with used LPs from Kristofferson and Jerry Jeff Walker. My brother left with a copy of this EP. So technically, if I wanted to hear this EP I could as my brother has both the original and the Record Store Day vinyl.

The other side of this release is the 2008 Exit EP. Although the vinyl would be cool to have, I already have the EP on CD from pre-ordering the Black Angels album, Direction to See a Ghost.

I call this one a draw. Current score: Record Store Day 1, Me 1.

2. The Black Angels - Phosgene Nightmare (10" vinyl)

This is another one that I was looking for on behalf of my brother. No luck for me on Record Store Day but a few days ago, my brother was able to find copies of this release left on the shelves at a favorite record store in St. Louis. Besides that, he already had the tracks from this release which he had received digitally with a package pre-order of Phosphene Dream.

Again, technically I didn't end up with a copy of this one but I would easily have access to it.

Another draw in my eyes. Score? Record Store Day 2, Me 2.

3. Justin Townes Earle - Move Over Mama (7" vinyl)

While the Black Angels releases would have just been gravy, this Justin Townes Earle 45 was the one thing I wanted for myself on Record Store Day. Unfortunately, as I mentioned last week, my local store received a total of zero copies of this.

However, patience is a virtue. Visiting St. Louis, not only did my brother round out his Black Angels wish list, but he also grabbed one of two remaining copies of the Justin Townes Earle 45. Paybacks I suppose for my efforts a week earlier.

I realize this may seem like a lot of hype over a two song 45 record, but over the past few years, Justin Townes Earle has become one of my favorite performers and I would certainly go out of my way to purchase anything he puts out. This one was a bit tough for me though. I was seeing copies on eBay selling for anywhere from $20 to $50 (although those prices have come down somewhat in the days since). Considering one of the two songs is straight off his most recent album, I wasn't about to pay that price for the one other song (although it is a pretty awesome Springsteen cover). Luckily, in the end, I paid store price for this one -- roughly six bucks.

I win this round. Final score: Record Store Day 2, Me 3.

Next April we battle again.

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