Colorforms: Street Hawk

After digging out my A-Team and E.T. Colorforms sets last summer, my intention was to continue on through the storage container full of Colorforms and share some of the others. Almost a year later, I'm finally getting around to it. Maybe not all at once but here's a start.

First off, let's take a look at the 1984 Street Hawk Colorforms set. This was likely one of the last (if not the last) Colorforms set that I got since, by this time, I was nearing an age where I was more interested in baseball cards than I was "kid toys."

Street Hawk, in my kid mind, was the ABC motorcyle version of shows like Knight Rider and the A-Team. You know the formula: fast black car/truck/bike + cool crime figher(s) = trouble for the bad guys. It's much like the show Still Standing following in the footsteps of King of Queens: overweight husband + sassy wife = canned comedy.

Either way, my Street Hawk set is complete minus one stinkin' piece -- it appears that I'm missing the pieces that says "CRASH!"

The background offers several opportunities for excitement. Aside from cliffs, hills, and unfinished bridges for Jesse Mach to fly off of, there's even a corner dedicated to Norman Tuttle -- the engineer who designed the motorcycle and communicated remotely with Street Hawk. Although he was a major part of the show, it's disappointing though that Norman is a permanent fixture on this background and not a piece that can be removed occasionally.

The pieces themselves offer kids with the opportunity to create a scene based on the theme of an armored car robbery. There are three bad guys, a couple of guards, and Jesse Mach/Street Hawk in various positions and poses.

I'm not quite sure where the woman in distress comes into play though.

As usual, Colorforms offers a suggested scene to create...

...but I did one on my own. Having not looked at the Colorforms insert first, I'm surprised by how similar the scenes turned out. Maybe I remember the scene on the insert from when I was a kid and somehow recreated it subconsciously almost 30 years later.

Plenty more Colorforms to come. Sometime.

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