Dust, mold, Scott Baio, & Willie Nelson.

Last Saturday I spent the majority of my day breathing dust and mold while working at a local used record sale. A huge success, by the way, as money made from the annual sale goes towards a local non-profit service which provides news and information to the blind within our community. Anyways, after a year of collecting donations and over a month of sorting and organizing, it was time to open the doors to the eager public.

I arrived at the sale a half-hour before the doors opened to work the initial shift and was met by a line of at least thirty people waiting outside in the brisk morning air. Slipping by the crowd with my cup of coffee in hand, I went inside and ate a donut before the chaos began.

The sale itself was great fun as usual. I always enjoy meeting and talking with other music enthusiasts as they root through the boxes of old records. It's great seeing the combinations of titles that customers walk out with. My favorite purchase was a stack of records that included everything from Johnny Cash to Wham.

You see, this stuff is cheap -- $1 for an LP, $2 for a CD -- and it's hard for people to turn down anything in that price range. I, too, am weak when tempted with such prices. This year I exercised a little bit of self-control and spent less than $40 at the sale. In addition to a handful of 45 records (at 25 cents each) and a couple of CDs, I also came home with a pretty decent stack of LPs to add to my collection.

Looking closely at what I purchased, you may recognize a handful of artists and titles -- Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, George Michael, Pink Floyd, and even a vinyl copy of the original Karate Kid soundtrack. But inside two of these LPs, I found more than just a record.

First there was the Scott Baio album. Yes, that Scott Baio...do you know any other? Even though this is an absolutely horrible pop album from a musical standpoint, it is pure gold to a pop culture fanatic -- especially for a measly buck.

Inside this album's jacket, I was surprised to find two things. First, the original receipt showing that this album cost someone around seven bucks back in 1982. Second, the original owner had clipped "Scott's Album Songbook" from the August issue of Tiger Beat Magazine that year. In addition to the lyrics from several of Scott Baio's songs, it's great to see Todd Bridges on the back of one of the pages. Click the images below for larger views.

The second surprise came inside a copy of an early Willie Nelson album -- Country Willie: His Own Songs.

In addition to the record itself, this jacket held a 20-page fan magazine featuring quite a few pictures of a very young Willie Nelson. Although I've not been able to find any information about this magazine anywhere online, as best I can tell, it was printed in the mid to late 1960's.

Among the shots of him on stage, there were several of Willie riding horseback on a ranch. But most intersting of all was the final feature in the magazine where we see "Another Side of Willie Nelson."

Makes me wonder what else may have been inside the thousands of record jackets at this year's sale.


micki said...

I love finding odd and weird stuff inside record jackets, in fact, it's an important part of the thrill of record-hunting! :D

I've found innersleeves from other totally unrelated records, magazine and newspaper clippings, and even handwritten letters.

on the other hand, I loathe writings on the cover and backcover, you know the ones, those that go "I love you - Mary" or "happy birthday to my great friend Jimmy", or even marks on the tracklisting, couldn't those people even remember the songs they liked? :)

TL said...

Micki -- What about the people who write their own names on their record jackets? Really? You have no other way to keep track of what you own?