The Esposito with a side of beans.

About a week ago, my wife and I reduced our cable package to the bare minimum. While it's saving us about 70 bucks a month, it's also forced me to live without cable television for the first time since I was in high school. No more ESPN. No more Comedy Central. Just the networks, PBS, WGN, and TBS. That's it.

So far, I'm surviving okay as the only thing I've really missed is SportsCenter. But one commercial that I caught many times before shutting off the cable and continue to see on other networks is a bit for ESPN. You've probably seen it, too.

So you don't have to watch this commercial repeatedly to try and decipher the Boston-ese, here's what is said.
EMPLOYEE #1: You think it's time Pedroia gets a sandwich?
EMPLOYEE #2: The laser show? I think he's deserved it.
EMPLOYEE #1: Okay, hear me out. How about turkey pepperoni?
EMPLOYEE #2: That's like a Big Papi without the cheese.
EMPLOYEE #1: How about capicola?
EMPLOYEE #2: What's with the capicola, man? Every sandwich has got to have capicola.
EMPOLOYEE #1: Joe, you gonna back me up on this capicola?
JOE: It's the best.
EMPLOYEE #1: That's right, it's the best.
EMPLOYEE #2: And that's why it's on the Esposito.
EMPLOYEE #1: Oh, that's right.
This commercial has sparked one major question among television viewers who may not be very sports-savvy: Who is Esposito? Since this commercial is supposed to take place in Boston, the most obvious answer among sports fans is former Boston Bruin Phil Esposito.

But I know better.

This is no hockey reference. Joe clearly says that capicola is "the best" and when I hear those words, only one thing comes to mind:

That's right. The most well-known song from the original Karate Kid -- You're the Best -- performed by Joe "Bean" Esposito.

Did you catch that? "You're THE BEST" by Joe ESPOSITO!

Call this one for a former hockey star if you'd like. I'm calling it for the Karate Kid.

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