Karate Kid Curiosities

Although the Karate Kid is indeed the perfect movie, it is not without its faults. Having looked at God's other gift to movie viewers already (Ferris Bueller's Day Off), I thought a closer look at the curiosities of the Karate Kid was long overdue.

Let's jump right in with the beach scene early in the movie. As the Cobra Kai arrive on their sweet dirt bikes, Dutch loses his helmet as they come to a stop. This would not have happened had they been practicing proper motorcycle safety.

Moments later, Daniel finds himself in over his head as he and Johnny face off for the first time. The fight begins and Daniel tries to pick up Ali's radio which had just been slammed to the ground by Johnny. Johnny intercepts the radio and shoves it back into Daniel's chest -- speakers facing out.

But as Daniel falls to the sand with the radio in hand, the speakers are facing the opposite direction.

Moving on the the dance scene with Daniel dressed in the infamous shower costume, Ali approaches her new love interest with a flower and offers it through the shower curtain with her left hand.

However, the next shot shows her holding it in her right hand.

A few minutes later, Daniel finds himself in the bathroom with an opportunity for revenge on Johnny who is rolling a few spliffs in a stall. As the hose finds its way through the bathroom piping, Johnny is clearly seen wearing a glove on one hand but not the other.

But when the water begins to flow, Johnny emerges in a rage, apparently having had time to put on his other glove.

The chase begins and Daniel almost makes it home before being nabbed by the Cobra Kai. As he runs across the field leading to his apartment buildilng, the fog gets thick thanks to a smoke machine visibly pumping a haze into the air as Daniel runs by.

Of course, Daniel get his tail kicked six ways to Saturday but is saved by Mr. Miyagi. Once the Cobra Kai are all in a beaten heap on the ground, Miyagi throws Daniel over his left shoulder to carry inside...

..or maybe it was over his right shoulder.

Date night gets Daniel dressed to the nines in his white tennies...

...I mean brown tennies...

You remember this scene, I'm sure. Catch a fly with chopsticks and you can accomplish anything, right? Does that hold true for catching a fly suspended by a fishing line?

Speaking of date night, remember when Daniel had to go the country club to find Ali? As the scene opens, Johnny is seen sitting at a table behind Ali and her father.

But (literally) seconds later, he dances by with Ali's mother.

Now for the tournament.

First, Johnny's black headband is pretty awesome. It can fly off his head when he springs up after being slammed down by Daniel...

(the referee even throws the headband off the mat)...

...and it somehow finds its way back to his brow seconds later in the same point.

Last but not least, is the slap of the leg. Daniel had moments earlier been "put in a body bag" by Bobby who had taken him out at the knee. Coming back to fight the final round, a few points in, Daniel's knee is hit again by Johnny.

I blame Daniel here.

Look closely and you'll see Daniel slap his left leg leading into this point as if to say, "This is the one that's hurt. Drill me right here in this knee."

Not perfect...but still the greatest movie ever made.

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