Summer, Hot Sauce, & a Star Wars Watch

As many of you know, I work in public education and working in public education, there are few times of year more joyous than early June. The hallways empty. The parking lots clear. The bells stop ringing. And I don't have to go to work for two months. With every pair of socks that I own stored away for the next nine weeks, it's time to focus my time on family and fun.

There are certain traditions that I follow at the end of each school year. First, I always contact a good friend from college to be sure he knows that I don't have to go to work again until August. Second, I watch one of my favorite movies -- a perfect segue into summer time -- Summer School. Before the opening credits even finish, I can immediately relate to Mr. Shoop as he and his students count down the final seconds of the school year.

On a Summer School side note, I'm still wondering what the hell happened to Gary Riley.

So with the working world out of my view for the near future, how about I tie up a loose end and start the summer off with something cool I stumbled across the other day?

First, the loose end. The new Beastie Boys album that came out last month? You know...the one I counted down for a week prior to its release? Let me wrap that up very simply. I'm proud to say that I held off until release day before I listened to the new album. Even though it was available to stream in its entirety for several weeks in advance, I have a great appreciation for the anticipation that builds before a new album by one of my favorite artists comes out.

So what are my thoughts on the album itself? The packaging sucks. The more-paper-than-cardboard case is packed so tight that I essentially had to unfold the entire thing in order to get to the CD. The music itself, however, is pretty decent. It's nothing that's going to win over any legions of new fans, but for anyone who is an established Beastie Boys fan, it's another solid offering which includes the typical old school feel that makes you want to drop down some cardboard and bust out a wicked back spin.

There. That loose end is now tied. So how about something new?

Last week I was looking through a wooden chest that my dad had made for me back in high school and I came across the first watch I ever owned. A Christmas gift from an aunt and/or uncle back in 1982, I found one snapshot from that holiday season with me sporting my new watch (although I seem to be more interested in my newly opened G.I. Joe RAM and FLAK).

But that watch...I was wearing it as proud as any seven-year-old could. Finding it last week, I was just as proud to pop in a new battery and find that it still works perfectly (even though the scans below do not reflect that).

I can't say I'm not seriously considering buying a new watch band and wearing this thing again for the first time in thirty years. Pretty sure my wife will veto.

Summer is here, folks. Here's to looking foward to having more time to dig this stuff out!


Shawn Robare said...

You know, for me every date has at least 30 seconds set aside for an internal debate on whether or not to buy one of those old Kronoform transforming robot watches off of eaby. One of these days...

TL said...

Shawn -- A guy I know collects old running magazines and I was flipping through some of them the other day. Came across an add for a cutting edge watch -- the calculator watch! You see, it's a watch AND it's a calculator!