Summer Vacation: A Successful Day 1

Day one of summer vacation was certainly a success. It was city-wide garage sale day in a nearby suburb and a friend of mine directed me towards a sale with records at 25 cents a pop. When I got there, I was somewhat shocked to find hundreds upon hundres of LPs, most in excellent condition.

Due to the recent re-recording of Tom T. Hall's Songs of Fox Hollow by some of Nashville's finest, I've been on somewhat of a Tom T kick lately. That in combination with my love for Willie Nelson sent me home with about five bucks worth of "new" vinyl.

As I paid for my records, I spotted an Obi-Wan figure in a box marked "50 cents." Having had this figure back in the day, my grand total increased by a half-dollar.
I'm sure I could have easily dropped another twenty bucks on quarter records but I'd rather stay on my wife's good side. She's out of town this weekend though...and tomorrow is garage sale day in our own neighborhood. The kiddos and I will definitely be taking a tour of the surrounding streets in the morning and with mommy not here to stop us, who knows what we'll come home with!

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