Yahoo!'s Ferris Bueller Failure

I used to be a big fan of Yahoo!...even over Google. I liked it because I could get a solid search engine as well as breaking news at the same time. But over the past few years, as you may be aware, Yahoo! has turned into nothing short of a tabloid/blog fit only for fans of E! and Perez Hilton. It's still a quick way for me to check sports scores, however, and last night as I checked in on the day's baseball results, I was intrigued when Yahoo! threw a shot of the Ferris Bueller cast in my face.

"What are the stars of Ferris Bueller up to now?", the headline asks. As quickly as I was interested, I just as quickly rolled my eyes and went about my business. As a life-long Ferris Bueller fan, I take issue with this feature for a variety of reasons.

Clicking on the headline, the first "where are they now" that viewers see is a shot of Mia Sara. Really? She's the primary star that you use to start off this feature? Weak.

Then comes Ferris himself. A shot of Matthew Broderick as Ferris next to a shot of him today looking like he just rolled out of bed. Nothing like creating unnecessary contrast by using one of the most unflattering shots of a person to be found.

Then Alan Ruck. Eh. The "now" picture used by Yahoo! is more flattering than any still that could have been taking from Spin City. Whatever.

Jennifer Grey? Yeah. We all know she's had work done. Let's move on.

We round it out with Charlie Sheen. Really!?! Charlie Sheen!?!

Go figure. Somehow his minute-long cameo in the film makes him a star. More so than Jeffrey Jones and Edie McClurg who are major characters in this movie. Why not include the whereabouts of the maƮtre d' from the restaurant? Maybe the current status of the parking garage attendants?

C'mon, Yahoo!. Way to make one last-ditch effort at capitalizing on Charlie Sheen's self-destruction. You include the addict who makes a cameo but you disregard Edward R. Rooney Dean of Students (yeah, I know his track record isn't the greatest but he's still a bigger star in the movie than Charlie Sheen).

I've sworn off Yahoo! hundreds of times as a result of the horrible writing found on Yahoo Sports...but this Ferris Bueller "feature" may have sealed the deal.

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