Always Do the Right Thing

The heat index today is expected to reach 115-120° and as I listen to the radio weather forecasts, all I can think of is Samuel L. Jackson as Mister Señor Love Daddy in one of Spike Lee's best Joints, Do the Right Thing:

"I have today's forcast for you: HOT!"
So I've settled in for the afternoon into my cool air-conditioned basement with Do the Right Thing on the TV and a cold glass of Miller High Life -- the High Life a tribute to Ossie Davis as the Mayor ("Where's the Miller High Life?!?!").

If you've never seen Do the Right Thing, it comes in at #2 in my list of favorite Spike Lee films (second only to Get On the Bus). Buy it, rent it, get it from Netflix. Whatever. Just watch this movie at some point in your life.

For a preview and a general summary of the plot, here's a quick video that I've shared here before.

In addition to Do the Right Thing, there's one other thing that I always think of on these ridiculously hot summer days -- the 1985 St. Louis Cardinals. Before losing the World Series to the rival Kansas City Royals in seven games, and after Axel Foley had cleaned up Beverly Hills, the Cardinals used Glen Frey's well known The Heat is On as their playoff theme.

During the mid-80s, there was no better radio station out of St. Louis to this nine-year-old than 103.3 KHTR. As you might expect, my brother and I fired up the tape recorder many times catching our favorite songs being played on KHTR. Included among those recordings were local commercials and promotions such as a 1985 spot for the Cardinals featuring their theme song.

It's hot out there so stay cool...

...and, doctor...always do the right thing.

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