Tommy Womack

I'm not one of those people who says that every show they go to is the best show they've ever seen. I don't do that because that's annoying and an untruth based on the momentary excitement that comes with seeing a live performance.

That being said, I love Tommy Womack. I love him in a way that one man can love the music of another man and appreciate it for all that it is from lyrics to style to performance.

Thanks to the generosity of some folks here in town, I had the opportunity to hear Tommy play at a recent house concert -- the most intimate of settings found within music fandom (short of a one-on-one performance, which would be a little creepy).

It's songwriters like Tommy Womack that remind me of why I love music so much.

Cynthia and Ernie, your Sandwich Life house concerts are wonderful. Not only is the music fantastic...never in a thousand years did I think I'd ever take in a show with a state representative and the mayor of a semi-major city.