Christmas Crunch 2011

I've never been into hunting, although I've been around it all my life. Growing up, my neighbors were avid hunters with their camo gear and their bird dogs. A guy I work with today is about as obsessed with hunting as anyone I've known considering he films all of his hunts and eats deer in some form every day for lunch. I may not be a hunter in the traditional sense of the word, but I think I understand the hunting state of mind.

Today is the day before Thanksgiving and a day off of work. While most rational and sane individuals would be more than happy to have the opportunity to sleep in and charge their batteries for the upcoming holiday, I was on a mission this morning. You see, Christmas (Cap'n) Crunch has been on the shelves for a few weeks now and I have yet to find a box.

I hit the shower at 4:30am and was out the door by 5:00. I had two hours before my kids would be awake -- two hours to find my box of Christmas Crunch. With Willie and the Wheel as my co-pilot, I was off. There are roughly 12-15 different grocery stores in the twin-city area and I would stop at every one if I had to. Coming home empty-handed was not an option.

Store #1. Nothing.

Store #2. Nothing.

Store #3. Nothing.

Store #4. Not open yet. Considering this place sells donuts and places that sell donuts are typically open at the crack of dawn each day, the fact that I was there before they opened made me consider for a second that I might be crazy. It was 5:45 in the morning and I was on my fourth stop looking for a box of cereal on a day that I should be sleeping in. Awesome. I L-ed OL and headed to my next stop.

Store #5. Jackpot.

I may not have been dressed in camo sitting in a tree stand all morning, but I think I understand why some people might enjoy that. They're happy when they get their deer. I'm happy when I get my cereal.

I win again, Horatio.


SparkleJunkie said...

OMG!!! WHERE DID YOU FIND IT??? I go through the SAME THING every single year!

TL said...

SparkleJunkie -- Much to my surprise, I found it at Wal-Mart. Good luck!