Billy Joe, JTE, and Instant Coffee

1. I met Billy Joe Shaver.

2. Even though Bloodshot Records sent none to my local record store, I found a copy of the Justin Townes Earle 7" record released on Black Friday.

3. I think this comic was written about my daughter. She's almost four.

4. Here's a Christmas song for you to get you in the spirit.

5. I drink instant coffee. When I heat the water in the microwave, I put it in for 99 seconds. I don't enter "1-3-9"......I enter "9-9". I was asked by a co-worker why I do this. My answer is simple.

This is the hottest my coffee can get by pressing two buttons instead of three. By entering two nines, not only does my water come out hot, I have heated it by pressing the fewest number of buttons necessary to reach that temperature. I'd prefer my coffee be a little warmer but 100 seconds or anything involving minutes would require me to push and extra button.

This practice saves me just over six minutes a year.

My co-worker was not impressed.

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