Etta James, Warner, and a book.

1. Etta James? I won't pretend she was this huge influence on me or even a musician I listened to often. But she did have one song that I'll always love.

2. Jason and the Scorchers were fantastic (as expected). This was the second time I had seen them live and it was clear evidence that the phenomenal show they put on the first time was no fluke. Having met Jason Ringenberg before, I was hoping to shake hands with guitar genius Warner Hodges at this show. Mission accomplished...

3. Football schmootball. Actually, sports schmorts. I'm a Cubs fan. I'm a Knicks fan. And I'm an Eagles fan. My teams do not care about winning.

4. I've recently been introduced to the writing of Bo Lozoff. Not since reading Brennan Manning's Ragamuffin Gospel have I been so inspired and moved by a book. I would recommend Lozoff's Deep and Simple to anyone with even the smallest amount of spirituality in their lives.

5. Why didn't anyone ever tell me how awesome 30 Rock is? Thanks to Netflix streaming, I've been catching up on five seasons of missed hilarity. This show almost reaches Arrested Development levels of funny.

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