Alex Gets the Business

A few weeks ago when I was flipping through the pages of the January 1987 issue of Teen Beat, I found a mention of a Family Ties book from around that same time -- Alex Gets the Business. I was definitely curious so after quick (and cheap) purchase on Amazon, a copy of this book was on my doorstep two days later.

It's been a while since I've watched Family Ties but that was a show that I tuned in to constantly as a kid -- both original runs and in years of syndication. Having seen every episode at least a time or two, I am fairly certain that the claim on the cover is legit -- "An original all-new story based on the hit TV series!"

So what we have here is essentially an unaired "episode" of Family Ties. Let me summarize through convenient bullet points:
  • Alex admires his economics professor.
  • Alex gets into prestigious business fraternity.
  • Girl, Nan, likes Alex because he is in said fraternity.
  • Econ professor and his friend (Marcie) visit the Keatons for dinner.
  • Marcie is opening a new hair salon and is looking for investors.
  • Alex empties his savings to invest in her business.
  • Business is booming as Alex, Mallory, and Jennifer all work at the salon.
  • Alex discovers that the salon is being supplied with stolen goods.
  • Marcie is consciously buying these discounted goods to increase profits.
  • Alex is shocked that some people are willing to sacrifice ethics for profit.
  • Meanwhile, Alex lies to his family and girlfriend, Ellen, and goes on a date with Nan.
  • Alex gets caught but is miraculously forgiven by Ellen.
Yeah. That's pretty much it. Worth the few bucks I paid for it. But I wouldn't get too excited about the "Photos Inside" advertised on the cover. This is the extent of it...



Shawn Robare said...

I've been meaning to read this (I have it and a few other sitcom novellas sitting around waiting to be reviewed.) Makes me wish they did more of these...

TL said...

Yeah, I was really surprised to find that this was the only Family Ties book published...