1. In the five days since I drew the comparison between Poison Ivy and my favorite comfort food, I've eaten crackers and milk six times.

2. My Mister Rogers fascination scored a point this week as I tracked down a sixth of the seven figures from the 1977 Neighborhood of Make-Believe playset that may or may not have been mass produced.

Welcome to the party, X the Owl. Only Lady Elaine Fairchilde remains.

3. I saw this commercial on TV the other night. I'm pretty sure it was made for me.

4. Lots of great music coming out in the next several weeks.

Farmer Jason's Nature Jams made my kids' week this week. Tommy Womack's Now What later this month with Todd Snider's Agnostic Hymns and Stoner Fables to follow in early March. Later in March, Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now from Justin Townes Earle.

5. Have you been paying attention to the NBA this week?

Finally a good week to be a Knicks fan. Eat it, Kobe.

6. Having read Cool and Collected from the shadows for quite some time, the opportunity was recently presented for other bloggers with a passion for pop culture topics to come together and write on a common weekly topic. Enter the League of Extraordinary Bloggers!
Such a cool idea and such fun to read the posts of other bloggers!

7. Since this blog has started picking up some steam over the past several weeks/months, I've been asked a number of times about the title -- Flashlights are Something to Eat. If you're curious about the less-than-exciting story behind FASTE, check out the About page.

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