Ferris Bueller References in Honda Ad

I was somewhat skeptical about this new Honda commercial featuring a resurrected Ferris Bueller and initially it appeared that I was on the right track.

After watching this commercial through for the first time, I was quite disappointed. On the surface, it just seemed that there were so many missed opportunities and so few actual plays off the original movie. But then I slowed this down and actually watched this commercial frame by frame. Now I say, "Well, done Honda." While I'm sure there are some references that I missed, here is what I found...

The commercial opens with the familiar scene of Matthew Broderick in bed, doing his best to look sick (keep in mind that this commercial technically features Matthew Broderick and not Ferris Bueller).

The scene cuts to show his boss on the other end of the line and the fun begins.

Over his left shoulder you'll see the horse chair found in Ferris' bedroom. You'll also see three bottles of White-Out on his desk -- much like we saw on Grace's desk in movie. And those trophies seen in the background? Possibly a subtle nod to those Ferris used to rig the dummy sleeping in his bed.

Walter Linder also happens to be the name just above Abe Froman's on the reservation list at Chez Luis.

The drawing in the frame next to Mr. Linder's desk? It's on the fridge in the Bueller's kitchen.

A wide shot of the bosses office reveals the name of the company: Roeman, Peterson, and Frye. Of course Peterson and Frye were Sloane and Cameron's last names but I'm not quite sure about the name Roeman. Still trying to figure that one out.

Then there's this shot...

...and this one.

The towel around his head and the red phone we remember from the movie.

Leaving his apartment/hotel, Matthew is beckoned to his CRV by the valet who channels his inner Ben Stein and dully repeats: "Broderick, Broderick, Broderick."

He also passes a woman with a rottweiler much like the one the Bueller's had.
As Matthew takes his day off, one of his first stops is at an amuement park where we see a Ferris wheel (rim shot) and Matthew on a roller coaster. You may notice that the man over Matthew's right shoulder is wearing a Red Wings jersey just like Cameron.

Back in his CRV, Matthew is on a phone call...with Grace. Her number ends in 2800, which also happens to be the Bueller's house number.

While the next scene is familiar from the movie, take a look at the display in the store window behind Matthew. You'll see various wardrobe pieces from the movie including Cameron's AMA t-shirt as well as Ferris' vest and suit.

And as the camera shifts to show Matthew's boss in the adjacent car, take notice of the person just outside his car -- the overcoat a nod to the one worn by Ferris when Sloane was picked up from school and the clarinet noting the one Ferris played briefly in his bedroom.

SOCHOIC. This is one of my favorites. "I love driving it. It is so choice."

Stopping at a museum, Matthew gazes at a Walrus much like Cameron gazed at the painting. And let's not forget the walrus reference here -- "Afterall, he was the Walrus. I could be the Walrus. I'd still have to bum rides off of people."

Stopping at a race track, Matthew celebrates a win with a man wearing Rooney-like flip-up glasses...

...and a man drinking a fruity drink like the one he enjoyed so many years ago.

A close call with the boss just like Ferris had with Rooney.
This one is a little tough to catch. As Matthew apporaches the parade he is about to hijack, a woman on the lower right of the screen is seen wearing a fringe jacket like the one Sloane wore in high school.
Of course, Matthew's parade performance inspires those working nearby just like Ferris' did.
Dropping off his CRV near the end of the commercial, over the valet's shoulder is a sign for A-1 EZ OK Park -- the same company which owned the parking garage where the Ferrari was left.
There was no doubt these images would show up somewhere in the commercial.
And ending the commercial, Matthew addresses the viewer with the same "You're still here?" line that came after the credits in the movie.
Of course there are some others I didn't mention that are a little less fun -- the similar restaurant names, Matthew delivering the famous "Life moves pretty fast" line -- but I'm sure there are other more subtle references in there. I'll look more later.

UPDATE: Wait! There's more! Ferris Bueller References, Part 2

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Shawn Robare said...

Wow, your eye for details is stunning. Tip my cap to you sir!

Dex said...

Ok I now have a greater appreciation for the people that put the commercial together!

TL said...

Shawn -- Some people know multiple languages. Others can do ridiculous calculations in their heads. I guess this kind of junk is my gift.

Dex -- Agreed. It took a couple times through but I'm sold...on the commercial...not necessarily on Honda.

MKY said...

how about the bull on the agent's desk... a chicago board of trade reference... yes?

TL said...

MKY -- I was thinking there was something with the bull but couldn't put my finger on the reference. I'm not too familiar with the board of trade -- can you offer some specifics?

PR28 said...

Fantastic! Did you notice the man in the Chinatown parade with the "Honored Guest" banner? It's like the ones some people are wearing on the judges' grandstand in the parade scene in the movie. I thought the bull might be a reference to Merrill Lynch -- I thought I saw it on one of the buildings in Chicago in the movie.