Now What!

Of the four albums I'm most looking forward to this spring, I have three in hand.

Now don't get me wrong. Tommy Womack's new album, Now What, is absolutely terrific from start to finish. Seriously. But rather than review the album as most bloggers would, here are my top five lyrics from Now What.

Some I like. Others I simply relate to.
"Life takes up a whole lot of my time." 
"Politics bore me. Let's not bring it up at all. You're either preaching to the choir or talking to the wall." 
"I see a lot of Jesus. I bump into him all over town. But I'll fall asleep in church if there's room enough to lay down." 
"I've paid a lot of sober people's dues." 
"Let's think about flowers and wine. Everything will be just fine. We could go at any time. You just don't know."
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the sandwich life said...

got mine yesterday!!!

TL said...

And I'm sure you're disappointed, right? :)

TL said...

If I can add a #6:
"Be my hickory sweetheart. I'll be your dickory dock."