Remembering Davy Jones

Davy Jones dies and where did I hear the news? CNN? Yahoo?


Ralph Macchio.

Yes, thanks to the wonders of Twitter, Ralph Macchio was the first to inform me that the Monkees had lost their leader. A big fan of the Monkees and the Karate Kid when I was younger, I never in a thousand years would have dreamed that these two worlds would one day collide in this way.

That being said, I'm quite tempted to put on Season One of the Monkees while my kids nap this afternoon and spend a few hours reliving their antics. But I have something else in mind.

As much as I always loved the Monkees, the name Davy Jones by itself brings to mind something completely different (pardon the subtitles).

Aside from the episode when the dads got drunk to teach Nicole a lesson, this was easily the high point of My Two Dads.

Bless you, Davy.You're free.

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