Teen Beat: January 1987

The January 1987 Teen Beat featured the usual faces on the cover and the regular spread of pin-ups throughout. Seriously. How did I not realize that this magazine was intended for girls?

The Teen Beat Times reports that Ralph Macchio is ready for a break and that Howard the Duck is a crappy movie. It also mentions a Family Ties book featuring a story never used for an episode. Hello, Amazon? One copy of Alex Gets the Business, please.
Ke Huy Quan (Data from The Goonies) and Scott Grimes (Scott Grimes) had a page all their own to plug their new sitcom Together We Stand. Fads and Fashions takes a look at a digital timer that can be used while you talk on the phone! Yeah, right. What's next, a phone you can use in the car?

I was Monkees crazy around this time and the page shown below is one that I remember looking at over and over again. Having watched syndicated episodes of The Monkees regularly throughout the previous summer, I was fascinated to see a picture of these "young" guys as adults.

I got a good laugh out of this next feature..."Chris Elliott: Late Night Hunk!"


Are we talking about the same Chris Elliott here?

And who could ignore an interview with a young Chris(tian) Slater?



Anonymous said...

What was the contest in this month's magazine? You know, the usual "Win this piece of celebrity memorabilia!"?

TL said...

Looks like there were two contests. The main one was to win a Head of the Class backpack. The other was to win a copy of the unauthorized New Edition biography "Cool It Now."