Backyard Baseball

After a few weeks off from participating in the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, no way am I sitting out when the topic turns to baseball!
Take me out to the ball game! America’s past time has been prominently featured  in pop culture for over a century, so this week, we’re talking baseball!
Right off the bat (no pun intended), let's get in the spirit with a couple of my favorite baseball tunes.

With the topic of baseball left completely open-ended for interpretation by League bloggers, my mind began to race through the many possibilities. Maybe I'd write about the pain I feel each summer as a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan. Or maybe I'd look at some of the finer points of my childhood baseball card collection.

But the more I thought about it, one topic kept coming to mind. It's a topic I wrote about back in May of last year in one of my favorite posts here on FASTE. So rather than reinvent the wheel, let me refer you to that post where I talked about my neighborhood's favorite pastime -- backyard baseball: THE ON-DECK CIRCLE - May 10, 2011

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