Basement Junk Thursday #001

Some blogs I read have specific topics featured once a week on a particular day. For example, Unpunched celebrates "E.T. Thursday" with a picture and maybe a short post related to E.T. Over at Lair of the Dork Horde, something similar is done as they mark their weekly "Vintage Star Wars Thursday."

Last night on Twitter, someone I follow shared ten things in his basement and I had an idea.

Welcome to the first installment of FASTE's "Junk in My Basement Thursday."

It appears that I have inadvertently stolen the idea of a weekly feature from Guy. Definitely didn't see this part of the Twitter conversation...

Either way, Guy is super cool and since this was his idea, this will be the only Basement Junk Thursday on FASTE...I'll be moving to Wednesdays with Guy. Stay tuned for Basement Junk Wednesday!


leftylimbo said...

Cool bobble-heads, but I wanna know what's up with that A-Team vinyl pencil holder!

TL said...

I picked up that A-Team pencil holder a few weeks ago in a lot on eBay that I purchased for the Mr. T stamp it included.

My plan was to get rid of the pencil bag and the sheet of puffy stickers that came with the stamp but now that I have them in front of me, something tells me they're not going anywhere.