As I’ve said before, it’s amazing how quickly a blog can take a back seat to real life. Between work, family, and other commitments, I’ve lately found myself writing for FASTE maybe once a week – and that’s usually a contribution to the League. So here are some neglected topics from the past few weeks that deserve a mention.

1. Rumor has it that Adam Sandler is planning a remake of the 80’s classic Summer School. It seems that anything Adam Sandler touches is doomed to mediocrity at best, so I’m crossing my fingers that this really is just a rumor.

2. I finally joined the modern world and invested in an iPhone. Now I can constantly tell people what I’m eating and what I’m watching on TV. Or not. That being said, I did share (via Twitter) a shot of an appetizer that I scarfed down last weekend – beer battered bacon.

Sounds awesome but really, it just tasted like an expensive corndog.

3. The same night I discovered beer battered bacon, my wife and I headed to the John Prine show down the street. Honestly? Not so good. I’ve been a huge fan of John Prine for a long time and have heard many of his live performances. This one though, left plenty to be desired. His voice just didn’t seem strong and his songs were all slowed to an almost sleep-inducing tempo. Since I knew his songs, the show was decent but I don’t think I’ll be dropping that kind of cash to see him live again.

The openers, however, were fantastic. I help maintain the official website for Peter Cooper who, along with Eric Brace, led things off for Prine. Their opening set was marvelous as was their joining the stage for Prine’s encore.

[Photo courtesy of the John Prine Shrine]

After the show, we were able to catch up a bit with our friends Cynthia and Ernie as well as Eric and Peter – two very classy guys.

 [Photos courtesy of Cynthia and The Sandwich Life]

4. Speaking of people I do websites for, Todd Snider just put out a new album a few weeks ago and will hit us with another this coming Tuesday – a collection of Jerry Jeff Walker covers. 

I’ve heard this, folks. If you’re a fan of Todd or Jerry Jeff (although I don’t know anyone who is one and not the other), you’ll definitely want to pick this one up. You can check it out ahead of time on the Texas Monthly website.

5. The sorting process has begun for the record sale that’s held locally each year. As volunteers sort, we are allowed to set a few things aside to purchase ourselves. So far, this year’s selection seems thin as I’ve only put aside two records and two CDs – none of which I couldn’t live without.

But this Saturday is Record Store Day! We’ll see if my local store has the one release I’ll be looking for – a new 7” from Justin Townes Earle.

6. The topic of holy grails and white whales has been hot lately throughout the network of blogs that I follow. I got my hands on one of my white whales recently – an original 1980s Nerf softball. More on that sometime in the future.

7. After the kids go to bed lately, I’ve been watching old episodes of Family Ties. My wife does her best to stay interested and humor me, but typically ends up reading while I catch up with the Keatons each night. In the episode I put on last night, Alex faces off against a Russian chess whiz in a battle of U.S. vs. USSR. This quickly reminded me of a similar story from a few years later on Saved By the Bell.


I did my best to compare and contrast the two episodes in a riveting conversation with my wife. She was not impressed. Nor was she interested.


Scott Nolan said...

Ah, another John Prine fan. Gotta say, I just missed a JP concert in Hershey, PA, but I’m a little scared of hearing what his voice sounds like nowadays. I’ve heard good things, though.
Just stumbled on your blog. Based on what I see, I’m hoping you might be interested in a humorous coming-of-age story set in the 1980’s with lots of John Prine in it (but no beer battered bacon, sorry to say). That’s why I’m shamelessly plugging my eBook to you. It's called 'Argyle Gargoyles; A Darkly Humorous Novel'. You could even read it on that fancy new iPhone of yours if you like. Or the Kindle or the Nook. There’s a link to it posted on the main page of the John Prine Shrine.

Either way, like your blog, and I think I’m gonna have to try one of those expensive corndogs.

TL said...

Scott -- Thanks for stopping by...I'll definitely be checking out your book sometime soon!