1. Kerry Wood is done.

On one hand, I'm happy because he was certainly not helping the Cubs this year by any means (not that I truly expected them to be worth a crap in the first place). It clearly seemed that his best days were far behind him.

That being said, I wanted nothing more than for him to retire as a member of the Chicago Cubs. Take a look at his final appearance from this afternoon. Like him and the Cubs or not, this is something special.

2. Quite honestly, I'm surprised by the number of folks who read this blog who have no recollection of the New Monkees.

3. I've got my old NES set up in my basement and tend to play the same two games over and over -- RBI Baseball and RC Pro Am. Earlier this week, I opened the box of games that I'd gotten from my brother over the Christmas holiday and was surprised to find a fully functional Super Nintendo console.


I guess I need to start looking for some games.

4. Anyone have an 'E'?

Seriously. I need an 'E' that fits this Fisher Price set and don't want to pay ridiculous eBay prices.

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leftylimbo said...

Dood, RC Pro Am ROCKED! That was among the last few video games I was addicted to (including Total Carnage and Super Smash TV on the SNES) before college really set in and I stopped playing them altogether.