Things I Like Better Than Kurt Russell

This week, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers has been assigned to write about a very open-ended topic -- Kurt Russell. That's it. No more instruction than that.

I wouldn't say I dislike Kurt Russell, but I'm not a big fan. Never have been. So using each letter in his name, here are eleven things that I like better than Kurt Russell.

Kool-Aid Make mine Purplesaurus Rex.
Under the Overpass One of my favorite books.
Ragamuffin Gospel Another of my favorite books.
Tabasco Sauce I put this on everything from eggs to popcorn.
Run DMC Rhymes so def. Rhymes galore.
Usual Suspects Flip you for real.
Starks Forget Jordan. John Starks is my all-time favorite.
Scorchers As in, Jason and the Scorchers.
Extra-Crispy KFC It's already bad for you. Why not enjoy it?
Letterman I'd like to have a word with whoever told Leno he was funny.
Ladysmith Black Mambazo Play them loud in the morning. You'll wake up.
Take a look in the comments section over at Cool and Collected and see what other League members think of Kurt Russell.


Claymation Werewolf said...

nice fresh take on the subject matter sir!

Claymation Werewolf said...

Nice fresh take on the prompt man!

Brothermidnight said...

ha very different from all the rest.I think you win this one.

TL said...

I win the internet.