A Trip to the Treasure Store

Fear not, FASTE readers. I will not bombard you further with another link to the recently released Mister Rogers remix -- Garden of Your Mind. I've saturated all other parts of the internet that I have my hand in with that clip so I'll leave this one alone.

To follow up on a recent post, Pitfall Harry and I are having some issues but we are making progress. After multiple failed attempts at collecting all 32 treasures in 20 minutes or less, my hope still remains. As a matter of fact, my first attempt at conquering Pitfall! lasted the full 20 minutes during which time I collected 31 of the 32 treasures. Probably early luck. But it will happen.

I hit up a local flea market tonight with one of my daughters [A side note to parents: Flea markets sound cool to kids when you call them "treasure stores"]. Spending not much more than I would on a trip through the McDonalds drive-thru, I didn't do too badly.

I hadn't played Tetris or Double Dribble in years and felt the urge when I saw them for sale. I popped in Double Dribble when I got home and played for the first time in a couple decades. I won 101-22.

As I may have mentioned before, I love the original Fisher Price Little People. It may be because I played with them a lot as a kid but I just think they're one of the coolest lines of toys ever made. Their simplicity leaves so much to the imagination of the kid. Any time I see Little People with a cheap price tag, I can't say no. The Mini-Bus and three Little People (including a Cookie Monster in great condition) ran me two bucks.

Then there's the stupid Tang mouth. In one of the first posts here on FASTE, I talked about these things and mentioned what ridiculous promotion this was for Hardee's back in the day. Of the four characters offered through this promotion, I've got the two I had as a kid. Digging through a 50 cent box tonight, I couldn't say no to Awesome Annie the Lip Sync Kid.

These were my treasures. My kid got a Beanie Baby duck. That was hers.

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Scott said...

Bummer, just saw Garden of Your Mind, thought of you and came rushing over to tell you about it. Might've known you'd already be on to it :-(