I've constantly got little random things floating around in my head but most are not blog-worthy. Once they build to a certain point, they become FASTE Notes.

1. I read Dustin Diamond's tell-all book about his time on Saved By the Bell and was somewhat surprised. I expected to hate the guy by the time I was done reading but I didn't. I actually kind of like him a little bit more for his book. Whether his content is true or not, just having the guts to put that out there deserves a little bit of credit. Too bad the book seems to have been edited by a 10-year-old.

2. Saw this A-Team lunch box a few weeks ago at a local shop for 12 bucks (nevermind the price tag).

Didn't buy it and I keep thinking about it. What do you think? Twelve bucks or no?

3. I've been working my butt off lately on a pretty major overhaul to one of my other websites -- Cleaning things up and making the site a little more clear and simple. Hoping to have the updated site ready to launch in a month or so.

4. Speaking of my other sites, the Neighborhood Archive continues to grow every day. The new show from the Fred Rogers Company -- Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood -- premieres on September 3rd!

5. Perry Baggs died. He was the original drummer for one of my favorite bands -- Jason and the Scorchers. Here's a video of one of the Scorchers songs Perry co-wrote.

6. Ron Santo was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame today. Better late than never.

7. I'm going to see the Black Angels with my brother in a few weeks. Saw them a few years ago. One of the best live shows I've ever seen.

8. Anyone have a functional Sega Genesis that they're willing to part with for next to nothing? I've had an urge to play some NHL 96 lately. If you're selling, I'm buying.

9. I can't stop listening to Eric B. & Rakim's album Paid in Full. Looking beyond Run DMC's Raising Hell as my favorite rap album of all time, I'm pretty sure hip-hop doesn't get much better than this.

10. I hate sports right now. I knew the Cubs would be horrible this summer but now the Knicks make some pretty suspect moves. Signing has-beens and letting young talent walk -- not the way to build a championship team.

11. I don't care about the Olympics.

12. I go back to work for a new school year two weeks from tomorrow. Two weeks. This is usually the point in the summer when I try to cram in all of the things I planned to do and didn't.

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