The only movie that makes me cry...

After a week off, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers goes soft and is asked:
What movie, TV show, book, etc. turns you into a blubbering baby every time you see it?
When I was a kid, there were a handful of times that I remember crying during a movie -- E.T., Savannah Smiles, Fox and the Hound. But as an adult -- heck, even since my late kid years -- there is only one movie that has brought me to tears...and it does so every time.

The first time I saw The Rookie, I was on a flight headed for San Diego with my wife to visit her sister. My wife probably read a book while I spent two hours of the trip watching the in-flight movie. Any regular readers of this blog knows that I've loved baseball my whole life -- from backyard baseball games as a kid to current summers spent wondering why in the world I continue to love the Cubs. With that as my background, I was immediately sucked into this film.

At first, I thought I was in for just another baseball flick, but in an early scene when Guy Clark's Stuff That Works plays in the background as Jimmy Morris tests his arm on a dark Texas highway, I knew I was in for a treat (starting at 05:22 on the video below).

But this wasn't the part that grabbed me by the gut. That didn't come until later when Jimmy was called up to the big leagues. He gets the word from his team's skipper and calls home to share the good news. As he talks to his wife, the lump in my throat starts to form. Then she puts their son on the phone and it's a done deal. Gets me every time.


There's just something about this scene that represents what every guy dreams of...what every dad and husband on this planet desires. Not necessarily sharing the news of becoming a big league pitcher, but the feeling of sharing with those you love something you've worked extremely hard for and for them to respond with nothing but pure heartfelt pride and joy.

Typing this now, the hair on my arms is standing up.

Movies don't get to me. Old Yeller? Bah. He's just a dog.

But when General Hawk tells the kid from Two and a Half Men that he's going to the majors, I'm done.


leftylimbo said...

Cool post. Never saw The Rookie, but you've piqued my curiosity! I've got one or two tearjerkers which I'll try to post today or tomorrow.

TL said...

It's obviously a baseball movie but not one that you have to be a baseball fan to enjoy. Definitely check it out sometime.

shezcrafti said...

Isn't there like an unwritten rule or something that it's okay for guys to cry at sports movies? What a cop out!

TL said...

C'mon now. It's the part where he calls his kid. Sports is just the backstory.