The Ultimate Picture of Awesome

I'm guessing you have no idea what you're looking at in this picture.

With the Fourth of July just under our belts, you might think this is a crappy shot of some local fireworks display. But let me set the record straight. This is the coolest picture you will ever see.

Back in my home town this week for a few days, I had the chance to catch up with an old friend of mine. I don't get home as often as I'd like so unfortunately my contact my him is basically limited to an occasional email and semi-regular Facebook comments dripping with sarcasm. As he and I talked, he made mention of the fact that most of the pictures I share online have been run through an Instagram filter making me a....hipster.

A.) I'm no hipster.

and B.) I'm no hipster.

But that debate aside, I'm here to prove that Instagram really is a pretty cool app. For my example, I chose to use a screenshot from my friend's favorite television show of all time -- Full House. We'll start with Michelle Tanner giving the hilarious "you got it, dude" thumbs-up.

Since Instagram is so awesome, I didn't just run the picture through one filter -- I ran it through all seventeen consecutively to make it extra cool.

So here you have it, old friend. Your favorite television character run through all seventeen hipster Instagram filters making the ultimate picture of awesome.

Have mercy.


Mazje said...

You're in big trouble, mister.

TL said...

And there it is. The perfect response.

shezcrafti said...

Could use some Kimmy Gibbler. She was the real hipster.