See My Junk

Last week I tossed up twelve images depicting some junk I'd picked up in recent weeks. Your job was to figure out what was in the pictures. Ten out of twelve wasn't bad -- but the two you didn't get, I'm quite surprised.

Let's start with the ones that were identified.

#1 -- An old classroom style record player.

My dad had two of these in his attic and finally let me have one. Closes up like a suitcase and even has springs in the feet on the bottom to eliminate skipping.

#4 -- 26 Songs of the Letter People From TV (LP)

The Letter People
was a favorite PBS kids show in my house when I was growing up. Picked this up for about ten bucks on Amazon and sold it a week later on eBay for $50.

#5 -- Friday DVD

One of my favorites. Not to mention a cheap price tag at the flea market.

#6 -- Turn the Terrible Tank

This game was at my grandma's house when I was growing up. Over the past few months, every time I'd visit my home town, this game would be staring me in the face with a tempting price tag of $4. Not knowing if the tank worked or not, I always passed. That is until my last trip back home when this was "yellow tagged" -- half off. Two dollars was worth the risk. It took a little tinkering my a skilled electrician (aka, my dad), but the tank works perfectly. Two dollars well spent.

#7 -- New Kids on the Block - In Step...Out of Time VHS

Same resale shop. Fifty cents. No brainer.

#8 -- Luke Duke action figure

Bo and the General had been alone on my shelf for long enough. I needed to find a Luke figure from this early 80s line. Avoiding eBay, I held out hoping that I'd stumble across on at a garage sale or flea market (considering I found my Boss Hogg and Rosco figures from this line at a resale store for about a buck total). Long story short, thanks to Larry from, Luke is back home doing what he does best -- sliding across the hood of the General Lee.

By the way, if you've not visited Larry's site and you're a Dukes of Hazzard fan, you don't know what you're missing! Take a few minutes to check it out!

#9 -- Magnetic Mister Rogers Postcards

I covered this on the Neighborhood Archive.

#10 -- Heathcliff Rides Again

Heathcliff doesn't do much for me but my daughter thinks he's funny. For a quarter, it was worth it.

#11 -- Letter People - Alpha Days

More from the Letter People. My brother picked up this book several years ago and I somehow talked him into giving it to me.

#12 -- Back to the Future Hot Wheels

Grabbed this at the flea market for cheap. Goes nicely with the A-Team van and KITT that Shawn from Branded in the 80s hooked me up with a while back.

Now for the two stumpers...

#2 -- The Dark Knight DVD

C'mon, nerds. You dropped the ball on this one.

#3 -- Stack of Atari 2600 Games

One guess was that this was the top of a 2600 console. Close. It's actually a side view of a stack of games I picked up at a pretty cool store outside of St. Louis. Nothing ground breaking. Just a handful of typical Atari games that are fun for about 30 seconds.

So there it is, folks. You've seen my junk.


Brothermidnight said...

I was a little weary to look at this post after reading the title ..this is the internet after all.

shezcrafti said...

Damn. Schooled on Batman AND Atari. I at least got some of the others! You should do more close up photo challenges. I love a good puzzle.

And lol @ Brothermidnight.

spectre said...

I agree with shezcrafti, more of these would be great. It's a happy mix of puzzle and nostalgia.

leftylimbo said...

Awesome collection of junk. Your phonograph reminds me of the one I was able to acquire, which was also standard school issue. It, too, is also equipped with those shock-absorbing springs, which I still can't get over. They're just too cool.

TL said...

I firmly believe that some music just sounds better on a turntable. Furthermore, some records just sound better on an old player like this.