Hobgoblinspookadelic, ya'll.

October 31st that is my date of birth. I got to the party and I did the Smurf...

It's Halloween, folks. Hobgoblinspookadelic. As if you didn't know.

One of my favorite bands -- NIL8 -- is currently celebrating 30 years of making music and there's no better day than today to dig out their Scared Stiff 7" released back in the late 90s.


In addition to five live tracks of South-Central Illinois' finest punk rock (recorded at Chicago's Metro in August of '96), Scared Stiff looks something awesome pressed on goulish orange vinyl.


Interested in checking this out for yourself? You can download this long-out-of-print release for yourself over at Some Things Can't Be Ignored.

And for good measure, here's NIL8 knocking out a few new wave classics for your enjoyment...

[NOTE: October 31st is not my date of birth and I did not get to the party and do the Smurf.]

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