Tales from the Dollar Bin

A blog I read somewhat regularly -- Lair of the Dork Horde -- features regular posts under the title "Tales From the 25cent Bin." Essentially, these posts showcase this blogger's most recent trip to a comic book store's quarter bins. Pretty simple, really.

I had the day off of work today and one of my favorite day-off activities is digging through the boxes of dollar records at a local record store. So after a gut-bomb of a lunch at Meatheads, I spent about a half-hour knee-deep in musty vinyl.

Stealing a page from the Dorke Horde's book, I present to you the product of today's crate digging...arranged in order of increasing awesomeness.

Waylon Jennings - Greatest Hits

Big deal. I know. I grew up on Waylon and Willie and own a pretty good amount of their music. Even so, for a buck, I can never pass on Waylon.

Miami Vice Soundtrack

Say what you will, this soundtrack is amazing. At the very least, Melle Mel's Vice is worth a buck.

Bob McGrath - Sings for All the Boys and Girls

You know Bob. He's been on Sesame Street for years. He plays Bob.

John Schneider - White Christmas

Bo Duke is singing Christmas carols at my house this year. Yee haw.

Bootsy Collins - The One Giveth, The Count Taketh Away

Forget the other four I bought. This is all I've listened to all afternoon. It's Bootsy! If you've never given him a listen, I suggest you take care of that right now.

So, yeah. Five dollars well spent.


phairhead said...

Amazing amazing blow dryed hair 'do on Mr. Bo Duke from Hazzard county!

TL said...

And that picture on the cover doesn't do justice to the sweater he's wearing!

Hobgoblin238 said...

I am looking for John's work on the movie Eddie Macon's run. I am not sure if he ever recorded it though.

ShezCrafti said...

I was just joking over at UnderScoopFire today that my interracial porn name would be Soul Cakes (don't ask), and Bootsy Collins music is pretty much the soundtrack I had in mind for it.

Guy Hutchinson said...

John Schnieder looks strangely like John Travolta on that album!