Teen Beat: June 1986

I've often mentioned that I have a running list of holy grail items in my head at all times. You know, things that I'm constantly looking for but likely will only come across once or twice (if ever). Given the opportunity, I've learned to pounce on holy grail items when I find them. Over the past few years, I've gotten my hands on a few of these items and this past week I secured one more.

Last February, a skeleton escaped my closet when I admitted to having a subscription to Teen Beat magazine when I was a kid. While issues of Teen Beat from that era regularly pop up on eBay, I wanted the first issue I ever owned -- June 1986. After keeping my eye out for the past three years, there it was.

Within less than sixty seconds of laying my eyes on it, the purchase was complete and payment was made. Fast forward a few days and there it was in my mailbox.

While this post isn't necessarily about this issue's content, I feel like I'd be doing somewhat of a disservice if I didn't at least share a few of the gems inside.

First comes the feature on Michael J. Fox which mentions his recent break-up with Nancy McKeon. The picture to the right of the page shows him with Tracy Pollan and explains: "Here's Michael with his Family Ties girlfriend, Tracy Pollan, at a Hollywood awards show. She's in love with Kevin Bacon in real life!" Of course, Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan have been married since 1988.

Anything about the Karate Kid just screams awesomeness so this feature, of course, was a highlight.

The Movies section makes an interesting revelation (and a horrible joke): "A sequel to The Breakfast Club? What will they call it? The Brunch Club? Possibly, though it's questionable whether John Hughes, who'll write and direct the movie, can coax his original five to return..."

Dean Cameron? Anything with Dean Cameron is at the top of my list. Even this poor attempt at bringing Fast Times at Ridgemont High to television. You can hear more about this show from Dean himself by listening to his guest appearance on the Adventure Club Podcast.

Menudo update? Teen Beat's got you covered.

And lastly, how about that drawing of Michael J. Fox? Not bad on the head, but I'd like to know what happened to the right side of his body. It's almost as if the artist got as far as the shoulders and just said, "Screw it. That's good enough."

The signs of the times seen on each and every page of this magazine are fantastic; but that's not why I'm excited to have found this issue. It's all about nostalgia, but not about the pop culture aspect this time.

Holding this magazine in my hands takes me back. I'm immediately swept away to the grocery store in my hometown where I stood as my mom did some shopping. I can feel the cold air of the air condition -- just turned on as the warm weather was on its way. I can hear the cash registers and the shopping carts. I can smell the damp air holding in the scent of cardboard boxes, fresh produce, and non-perishable packaging. I can see the huge selection of magazines on the rack in front of me.

This is the one I chose that day.

And now I have it again.


the sandwich life said...

man I love you.....so wonderful.

Hobgoblin238 said...

I love getting nostalgia items like this!