Fisher Price Adventure People

Back in mid-December, Plaid Stallions featured the "Top Ten Coolest 3 3/4" Action Figure Lines of the 1970s" and I was thrilled to find that their choice for the number one spot was absolutely, positively correct.

No figure that size from that era could hold a candle to the Fisher Price Adventure People!

I was back home for the holidays just a few weeks later and took that opportunity to dig out all of the old Adventure People that saw a crazy amount of playtime during my childhood -- at least until my brother and I were introduced to G.I. Joe. Believe it or not, many of the sets we had are still complete. They're played with and banged up -- the but pieces are mostly there.

Rather than showcasing each of these sets here on FASTE, for the time being, check this out...

That's me and my brother playing in a hotel pool on a family vacation in 1981. In my hand -- the Adventure People Deep Sea Diver.


A year earlier, while my brother and a friend played in the background, I was left to entertain myself with the plane from the Wilderness Patrol.


One of these days I'll get around to sharing more about these sets in their entireties. Until then, I couldn't resist digging out some old snapshots.


Rich said...

I made in 82 so I think I'm a bit young for these guys but they def look cool. Love old pics too! Thanks for sharing!

leftylimbo said...

Yay for FP Adventure People! They totally rock!

Neal Garrison said...

I still have the safari adventure people set that you have in this picture.

TL said...

Neal -- I thought you didn't recognize those figures. The most solid toys out there next to the original Little People.